Consumables are common useful items, materials, and other supplies that hackspace aims to keep in stock for everyone's convenience.

Consumables are for the reasonable light use of all members in their projects. If you are using a large proportion of our stock of any item, you should consider buying it it yourself rather than depleting the Hackspace's communal supply. Common janitorial, maintenance, and PPE items are also classed as consumables.

If you spot that we are getting low on a consumable item, you can replenish it yourself and Hackspace will refund you for the cost. To get a refund, send a copy of the receipt to the treasurer.

Any overstock of consumables are stored in the consumables cabinet in the corridor. Please check here before buying more.

Suppliers: In general, Amazon/Ebay/Aliexpress are to be avoided as their quality is unreliable. Standard industrial suppliers such as RS, Screwfix, Toolstation are preferrable, but any other suitable suppliers can be used

If the committee is made aware of a new consumable, either through a proposal or otherwise, they may hold a vote to get this consumable approved. A majority vote from the committee is required for this approval to pass.

CNC Room

Isopropyl Alcohol
Distilled water
Glue stick
Double sided tape


First aid
Washing up liquid
Paper towel
Bin bags
Loo roll
Loo cleaner

Main room

Printer paper
Heat shrink
De-solder braid
Sublimation paper and ink
Laser toner
Sticker sheets
Label Printer Labels 62mm x 100mm for Brother QL570

Wood shop

Item Notes Known good supplier
Wood screws
Rawl plugs
Disposable Gloves
Disposable Masks
Eye protection
Hearing protection
Drill bits
Screwdriver bits
Band saw blades Standard blade: 3/8“, 6TPI, length 93 1/4” / 2370mm. More info on the bandsaw page TuffSaws “SuperTuff Carbon” blades are a good choice
Sand paper rolls Rolls of 60-240grit sandpaper
Disks/pads for random orbital sander 125mm Trend AB/125 from Screwfix are a good choice
Masking tape
Carpenters pencils
Belt sander belts and disks Machine Mart sell the correct size
Scroll Saw Blades
Mitre Saw Blades 255mm multi material and fine wood blades. 25.4mm bore
Table Saw Blades 210mm. 30mm bore

Metal Shop

Item Notes
Drill bits
step drill
Hacksaw blades
Bandsaw blades
Angle grinder disks
Bench Grinder wheels Coarse on the left, fine on the right
Sorby sharpening belts
Hex & Torx keys
Isopropyl Alcohol
Lathe lubricants
Lathe Bits Parting off, centre drills, indexable carbide bits
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