Bristol Hackspace is formally run by Bristol Open Technology Lab C.I.C. (or BOTLab for short), a not-for-profit community interest company (Company No. 7071572). We have no shareholders - instead we have a constitution giving all members a right to vote on the running of the organisation, and a board of Directors elected by the members at the AGM, who oversee day-to-day administrative activities.

For a full picture of the bylaws that shape the way BOTLab is run, have a look at our corporate Constitution and Terms and Conditions of Membership.

2022 - 2023

  • Matt G. (Health and Safety)
  • Nick G. (Treasurer)
  • Felix H. (Secretary)
  • Alex R. (Infrastructure)
  • Fraser H. (Membership)
  • Caitlin P. (Community)
  • Sam C. (Webmaster)

BOTLab holds regular general meetings, typically on the evening of the second Tuesday of each calendar quarter. Any current member in good standing is welcome (and encouraged!) to attend and vote on how the Hackspace is run, or appoint an attending member to act as their proxy and vote on their behalf.

The Q2 (April) meeting is designated the AGM, where financial reports from the previous year are presented and a new board of Directors is voted in.

Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Financial reports produced by the Treasurer as a monthly statement of BOTLab's financial position. Our financial year runs from 1 Dec to 30 Nov of the following year.

Financial Reports

Use of the Hackspace is covered by our public liability insurance, provided you are not wilfully misusing equipment or using equipment you are not inducted on. The Hackspace's contents cover does not extend to any member's personal belongings, anything left at the Space is solely at your own risk.

Anyone volunteering their time to the Space itself (such as running inductions) is additionally covered by a compliant Employers' Liability Policy.

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