A donation of a tool or piece of equipment to be adopted for ongoing use at the Hackspace requires prior approval through our proposals process.

Donated Stuff for Hacking is our ever-changing collection of stuff that anyone can use in their projects, however they see fit.

This stuff is stored in the following places:

  • On the Big Hack Rack on your left as you enter the Main Room.
  • On the Materials Hack Rack, immediately on your right as you enter the Main Room (behind the door).
  • In the following places in the Electronics Area:
    • The component drawers.
    • In boxes under the benches
    • On the cable reel rack.
  • In the two 'Stuff for Hacking' drawers in the Wood Shop.

Our stock of assorted useful stuff is one of the things that makes Hackspace special, so we encourage everyone to donate surplus stuff for others to hack.

Please remember: Donating things for others to hack is as an opportunity to support other members’ projects by giving them cool and useful stuff. Don't treat it as an opportunity to get rid of your rubbish!

Thus, we encourage donations of:

  • Sorted common parts, hardware, components, and materials.
  • Weird or interesting stuff.

We don't want:

  • Junk, cheap consumer electronics, scrap materials, etc.
  • Tubs of unsorted parts, hardware, or components.
  • Stuff we already have lots of.

When you donate something hackable, you should store it in one of the areas listed above. These areas are partly organised into labelled boxes, drawers, and bins, so try and put your donation in the right place, if that place exists.

If there is no room for your donation, or it doesn't fit on the shelves, please take it away again. You can offer it to other members via the forum instead.

Never leave donations anywhere else in the space, especially the Woodshop or Metalshop

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