Proposals are our system for putting forward and agreeing changes to the space. It covers buying, adopting, or upgrading tools, equipment, and infrastructure.

Any current member can put forward a proposal, or support a proposal.

There are three types of proposal. They require different levels of support based on their cost and complexity.

Proposal Type Qualifying Criteria Director's Support Needed to Pass Member's Support Needed to Pass
Small Costs up to £60 + A new risk assessment is not required + A new space does not have to be made 2 Committee 4 Members
Medium Costs up to £600 Majority of Committee 12 Members
Large n/a Majority of Directors Passes a majority vote at a General Meeting

To make a proposal, start a thread in the proposals category of the forum, filling in the template with the required details. At a minimum you should detail what you want to do, what you want to buy (and how much it costs), where it will go, and who will do the work.

To pass, a proposal must receive a sufficient level of support from members and directors. Directors should judge their support on the the following criteria: Cost, safety, space availability, need, and relevance.

For small and medium proposals, support should be voiced in the forum thread for that proposal.

For large proposals, support is measured at a General Meeting vote.

When a proposal attains a sufficient level of support, it is considered to have passed, and the proposer can go ahead and do whatever they proposed to do.

If a proposal is altered in any way after support has been given, that support must be given again to qualify.

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