Repairing and maintaining tools and equipment is one of the ways you can give a little time to keeping the space running. Some tools have maintenance teams which you can join.

If you find a tool or piece of equipment to be broken or in a poor state of repair, please take it out of service by sticking a sign to it, and posting on the forum.

If a tool needs minor repairs, you are welcome to give it a go if you have the skills to do so safely. Before making major repairs to a tool, you should first check if there is an existing maintenance team and ask before making the repair. If there is no maintenance team, you should post your intention on the forum before making a major repair.

If new parts are needed for a repair, contact the directors to ask about getting them via the Maintenance Fund.

This is an annual budget set aside for the maintenance of Hackspace's tools, equipment, and capabilities. It can be used to repair existing tools or equipment, or replace them like-for-like if they are lost or beyond economical repair.

The fund is currently set at £1,500 per year. Spend from the fund requires agreement of a majority of Directors.

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