We currently do not permit any activities involving open flames or intense heat in the Hackspace.

  1. Power down the machine you are using.
  2. Leave immediately via one of the escapes. Do not stop to collect personal belongings.
  3. Warn others in the space as you leave.
  4. Raise the alarm, if it is not already sounding, by pressing a red break-glass.
  5. Once outside, phone the fire brigade. Our alarm is not automatically linked to them.

There are two fire escapes from Hackspace. These are:

  • The main entrance / front door
  • The door at the back of the Main Room

Red Break-glasses which sound the fire alarm are located:

  • Between the inner and outer front doors to Hackspace
  • Beside the fire escape at the back of the Main Room
  • In the CNC Room

If the fire alarm is sounding and you think it is a false alarm, you can reset it using the control panel. The control panel is located in the cupboard under the stairs between the inner and outer front doors to Hackspace.

To reset the alarm:

  1. Locate the red plastic key stored on top of alarm panel, insert it into the panel, and turn
  2. Press the red button labelled “1”
  3. Press the green button labelled “2”
  4. Remove the key and put it back on top of the panel

The alarm system is shared with the tenants above us, so do not assume it is a false alarm just because Hackspace isn't on fire. Check upstairs too!

The both the inner and outer front doors to hackspace are electronically controlled. If these doors do not release in an emergency, you can disable the door locking system by pressing the green break-glass next to the door. This does not set off the building's fire alarm.

There are fire extinguishers located beside each fire escape and beside the laser cutter. If you feel confident in doing so, you can use these to tackle a very small fire.

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